Fee Collectors

The Protocol Fees are paid into special Fee Collector contracts at time-of-fill. There is one collector for each Staking Pool. The fees are paid in aggregate from the collector to the Staking System; this can happen at anytime, but is most optimal to run during finalization. This increases the cost of finalizing an epoch, but substantially reduces the transaction cost for takers executing trades.


  1. There is one Fee Collector per staking pool. The fee collector serves as a repository for protocol fees attributed to a given pool. It automatically approve()s the staking contract so fees can be aggregated during finalization. It also contains functionality to convert ETH to WETH. Fee collectors are created using CREATE2. This gives us predictable addresses.

  2. When a Limit Order is filled, the protocol fee is paid to the Fee Collector that corresponds to order.pool.

  3. The transferProtocolFeesForPools() <../basics/functions.html#transferprotocolfeesforpools> function can be called to transfer the fees for a set of pools from their respective Fee Collectors into the Staking system.